How to Use SMART Goals to Be a Better Runner and Writer

While I was switching tasks to do some course planning, it hit me. Why not apply SMART goals to my running? I use them for my students when developing course assignments for my classes, and I help clients use them planning content strategy. I can certainly use them for my own running and writing; they are both just processes after all. This post will cover how to develop and apply SMART goals to your running or writing routine to put you in control of your path and increase your motivation.

3 Tips for Starting a New Adventure: Writing, Teaching, and Running

Starting over or starting something new can be scary, whether it’s writing, teaching, or running.

While these things seem disparate, I’ve noticed several commonalities. What can I say? I see synchronicity everywhere! Here are 3 tips for starting a writing career, transitioning to teaching online, and running.

2 Ways to Embrace Constraint in Running During COVID-19

Runners are used to being constrained only by their own physical limitations, how long we can stay on their feet, how much ground we can cover, and how quickly our legs turn over, just as writers are constrained only by their own limitations with language. We runners are used to being able to head outContinue reading “2 Ways to Embrace Constraint in Running During COVID-19”