Racism and Running: Voices You Need to Hear

I don’t want to take too much space right now with my voice but did want to give a quick gloss of things in Louisville. Instead, I want to use my blog this week to promote other voices because black lives matter.

Here is a list of some recent podcast episodes and articles to check out about diversity, race, and racism in the trail running world and beyond.

5 Running Podcasts You Need In Your Life

Learning is but an adjunct to ourself  And where we are our learning likewise is:  –William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act IV, Scene 3 “So what do you know about X race? What do you usually put in your drop bag? When do you usually fuel on a long run?”  Running with a group orContinue reading “5 Running Podcasts You Need In Your Life”

4 Lessons from the Forest: Trail Running, Writing, and Life

I discovered trail running about a year and half into my running journey, joining my sister-in-law, an ultrarunner, at dawn on Black Friday morning in 2018 at Jefferson Memorial Forest (JMF), which many describe as “beautifully brutal.”  Between grueling climbs, valleys with fairy tale vegetation, and breathtaking views from ridges, I definitely didn’t start with an easyContinue reading “4 Lessons from the Forest: Trail Running, Writing, and Life”