Racism and Running: Voices You Need to Hear

I don’t want to take too much space right now with my voice but did want to give a quick gloss of things in Louisville. Instead, I want to use my blog this week to promote other voices because black lives matter.

Here is a list of some recent podcast episodes and articles to check out about diversity, race, and racism in the trail running world and beyond.

Why I Love Running in Cemeteries and How You Can Too

Heaven grows to a bird
 With pretty wings
 Her flight is like a question
 Searching the South
 For someone.
 “Untitled Poem,” In the Dark Before Dawn: New and Selected Poems of Thomas Merton, Thomas Merton Normally, I run the majority of my miles on trails, but the influx of people into our park systems hasContinue reading “Why I Love Running in Cemeteries and How You Can Too”

5 Running Podcasts You Need In Your Life

Learning is but an adjunct to ourself  And where we are our learning likewise is:  –William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act IV, Scene 3 “So what do you know about X race? What do you usually put in your drop bag? When do you usually fuel on a long run?”  Running with a group orContinue reading “5 Running Podcasts You Need In Your Life”