I can do more than just write for you! With over 15 years experience teaching and tutoring writing, I can help walk you through creating your own content and blogs as well.

Rates by hour or project/retainer and vary depending on length and complexity of project. Contact me to find out more!

Taking the writing off your hands to turn your small business into a trusted resource customers return to

Running a business takes a lot of hard work and above all, time. When you’re busy with the day to day operations, it doesn’t always leave much time or energy left. Copy and content get ignored.

The problem is, copy and content are how most customers engage with brands and businesses. If they get stale or a customer can’t find what they’re looking for, they are off to the next site. Keeping copy and content fresh and relevant to your ideal customer will keep them returning to you over and over.

Like with anything else, if you ignore the copy and content too long, the task becomes overwhelming. Where to start? What to write? Why is that blank screen staring at me? That’s where I step in to help!

Do you need

  • someone to write or edit blog entries?
  • someone to write or update copy?
  • someone to evaluate and optimize your existing blog or content strategy?
  • someone to design and implement a blog or content strategy from scratch?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!,” I have you covered with writing services to help your brand grow and connect.


Attract, engage, and educate customers

There isn’t a simpler way to provide informational value and draw traffic to your website than through blogging. I can help you answer your current and potential customers’ questions and concerns using natural SEO best practices to make sure your brand or business is found and engages and educates your ideal customers. This service can be a stand-alone or partnered with a content strategy.

Whether you want to get your existing blog up and running again or start one from scratch, I can help with the following:

  • Curate and optimize/edit historical posts
  • Write blog entries
  • Create and implement a blog strategy


Persuade and convert customers

Sometimes you know what needs written and just want to hire someone else to get it done or know what needs written and don’t know how to do it the most effectively. I provide any kind of copywriting, applying SEO best practices where applicable and always creating engaging user friendly, scannable text. Highlight your brand or products’ unique selling features with the best persuasive techniques for each situation and ideal customer profile.

Whether you need new copy or want to revise existing copy to appeal to your specific audience, your customer, I can help with all of the following and more:

  • Write or revise website copy
  • Write or revise product descriptions
  • Write social media posts
  • Write or revise emails for campaigns and marketing
  • Write or revise brochures and flyers

Content Strategy

Become a trusted resource

When copy is married to content, you can make sure you keep your customers engaged and involved, making your brand a trusted resource to turn to time and again. I can help you take advantage of and repurpose existing content as well as create new content strategies to provide relevant information to them identifying and getting to know your ideal customers as well your existing customers. Applying SEO best practices and formatting strategies to create scannable and user friendly text will help your information be found.

Whether you just need guidance or a consultation or you need someone to do it all for you, I can help by doing the following:

  • Identify, analyze, and target your ideal customer profiles
  • Perform content audits of your website and any other resources
  • Create content/editorial plans including calendars
  • Implement and/or oversee a content strategy
  • Optimize existing content to provide value and be found
  • Create new content of value to your customers

Sarah is a detail-oriented, focused writer who doesn’t miss a beat. She truly runs with an idea and crafts content that is smart and structured.

Judy Beyerle, Ponya Bands

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