Sarah White-Thielmeier–Blogger, Copywriter, Content Writer, and Writing Teacher.

Ponya Bands

A small local headband and sweatband company, I am their current blogger and copywriter. Goals were to increase customer engagement and awareness through the blog and creating user-friendly and informative content.

Pillar blog post covering both brand story and products, restarting a blog that had been dormant for 3 years.

Ponya Bands Pillar Blog Post

Customer spotlight blog post, telling Jinky’s story

Ponya Bands Customer Spotlight

Product description emphasizing the usefulness and properties of the Bamboo Accessory Multifunctional.

Bamboo Accessory Multifunctional Product Description

FAQ page for Ponya Bands combining information that was spread throughout the site.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Ken Combs Running Store

The Ken Combs website was set up like a blog with the blog homepage as the site homepage. I revamped their site, focusing on a user-friendly experience where customers can find the information they need. Adding local resources increases engagement with the local running community and attracts new customers. I am also coordinating their social media to increase engagement as well. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for examples.

Ken Combs Running Store homepage screenshot
New homepage for Ken Combs Running Store

Website Homepage

Ken Combs Running Store product page


Local resources page with descriptions of and links to popular routes.

Louisville Running and Biking Routes

La Mása Empanadas

A small local startup, I wrote their brand story and the product descriptions for the website launch, focusing on the artisanal technique and family recipe.

Brand story

The La Mása Story

Product Description

Empanada Product Description