Finding Balance in Running and Life

Life has become hectic lately for me between helping care for my mother post-surgery, teaching, starting a new chapter in my writing career, being a mother and wife, and, of course, running. I was forced to take a step back a couple of weeks ago when I did a flying squirrel imitation, landing on concrete and bruising an upper rib, badly, as well as a forearm when I was running around UofL’s campus. A moment of distraction earned me aches and pains and two weeks off of running and cross training. Tucking my mouthpiece from my bladder into the front pocket of my hydration vest certainly didn’t help as I landed right on it.

Stepping back made me rethink how I’ve been balancing life lately, quite poorly as a matter of fact. Late nights writing and early mornings running and tending to my mother while trying to be a present parent, partner, and teacher had me wearing myself down without even realizing it. This post will detail 3 things to keep in mind about balancing running and life.