Helping you navigate through the forest to reach, educate, and engage with your customers for value beyond a simple transaction.

Three sections of forest trail
Sometimes you feel like you can’t see the path, sometimes you can’t see over the edge, and other times it’s a long show climb.

What Can I Help You Do?

Having the best product or service isn’t enough. People need to know about your product, and if you can provide additional value beyond the purchase, you’ll have a customer that keeps coming back again and again. Brands that both sell and educate provide value beyond the product or service. 

They build credibility and more customers will rave to their friends and turn to the brand for information, both attracting new customers and engaging current ones to build a brand community. It becomes a beneficial relationship for all parties, increasing long term growth and your profile while providing continual value to your customers.

I want to work with brands whose products or services I can stand behind, who want to forge long lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers and communities.I’m the writer for you if you want to

  1. Raise awareness of your brand and products/services through natural copy and content of value to your customers 
  2. Engage more meaningfully with your brand’s customers and/or local community to grow sales and increase conversion
  3. Evaluate your existing content strategy to engage and attract new customers and give recommendations to help you provide value and build your brand community
  4. Develop a content strategy from scratch to answer customer’s questions, concerns, and form to provide value and nurture customer relationships
Clear dirt trail at Cherokee park.
And sometimes the path is wide, clear, and easy to follow.

How Can I Help You?

Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most effective ways to grow a brand and business. Technology hasn’t changed that. Brands with good products/services still get recommended from friend to friend and even stranger to stranger on social media. 

What has changed is that we don’t have to ask actual people for recommendations or questions or more information. We turn to the internet. We have a question, we fire up our laptops or unlock our phones to find the answer. We’re used to looking for information online and expect to find it. 

Making sure your brand provides educational value by itself isn’t enough. It has to be found across the noise and also be readable. Using SEO best practices in a human voice and clear formatting can help make sure your useful information is found, in turn driving more traffic. 

The key is education. Find out what they want to know and provide it, and you can build credibility that grows your brand organically. I can help you with any writing your business needs from social media campaigns to product descriptions, homepages, blogs, email campaigns, and newsletters to help you achieve growth both in sales and as a brand community.

Who I Am

I started on the traditional academic/creative writing career path, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English as well as a Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Post-graduation, I did what many did and joined the adjunct workforce with dreams of a full-time teaching job. I started teaching 100 and 200 level writing classes and the demand for business and technical writing classes saw me teaching those more often than not.

By designing my own courses from the ground up, I gained experience in structuring content creation in 15-16 week chunks, figuring out what order writing tasks should go in to optimally build on each other, how to drip information across several weeks to keep students engaged, and how to personalize assignments, lessons, and tasks for each individual class or group of students.

I realized early on when looking at a career change from higher education, “Hey, this is the same as a content plan and editorial calendar, only I don’t have two dozen versions of the same thing coming in I have to grade.”

It’s simple. Engaging readers and building community, whether it’s among students or customers, is much the same. Talk to them, find out their needs, and meet them. Connect, provide value to keep them coming back, and nurture the relationship beyond the first contact. 

As a trail runner and endurance runner, I’ve gotten used to putting in the work and seeing things through, just like I can do for you. I’m also used to have to course correct, forge or follow a new path (not recommended for your first trail marathon, trust me!), creating and adjusting plans. 

I keep my own writing and running blog here on WordPress to engage with and provide educational value to the running community I love so much. Occasionally, the blog gets put the side for awhile because, let’s face it, mom-life (aka virtual kindergarten at the moment), clients, and students take precedence.

If you want all of the nitty-gritty details, you can see my list of certifications as well as detailed educational and professional experience on LinkedIn.